Up sizing my life

I am tired of being a slave to possesions and decided in order to upsize my life I needed to downsize the things in it lol.This life of ours is not a dress rehearsal  and we get one go at it and we should be happy or try our best to be so here is a lttle  of  how I have started to upsize my life.

 I moved into a small apartment  in the back of a building I own and now have an amazing workshop area and a studio living area full of plants and of course my resuce dogs and bird. I purchased a tiny campervan, traded my hilux and am now able to travel and do markets as my home is more manageable allowing me to get away as often as I like without the stress of looking after my home. I am of course very lucky as my brother moved into my house which is next door and he now takes care of my property and my animals when I am away so life is pretty good in my eyes. Anyway here is my studio apartment








May 20, 03:18 pm

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