Tiny Dolls for grownups

Everyone knows I love to handsew and last year along with making reborns I also started making fabric TINY DOLLS  from 6 inches up in size. I have to say I love making these dolls and I use only repurposed fabrics plus the fill which is either Merino wool or Alpaca both of which come from our local farmers. The reason for using natural fibers to fill the dolls is how warm they feel when you are holding them and how lovely they are dress. There is something wonderful about natural fibers and I have chosen to no longer use wadding or synthetic fiber as fill.

 Anyway here are 3 of my lasted ladies which are all 8inches in size and come with handmade clothing which can be removed and changed. The hair is handspun wool which I have woven/stitched onto the heads and it looks and feels awesome



Jan 25, 01:25 pm

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