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$40 includes postage in Australia

How beautiful is this 8 inch fabric doll which has been handmade from top to bottom.

This gorgeous girl is based on the faceless Armish dolls and has been created as a companion doll for those want a friend that will listen while you share your day, she will fit neatly in your pocket or bag and is great to travel with. These dolls are also the most wonderful gift for loved ones in hospital or nursing homes as a reminder that they are loved.


1.This little lady had been hand stitched then filled with local Mario wool and Alpaca from local farms making her feel warm when you hold her

 2. Her lovely outfit is removable and each doll has a one of a kind creation made especially for her.

 3. Her hair is made from hand spun wool which I have stitched onto her head with a woven look

 4. Her shoes have been painted on then hand embroidered in a beautiful pink to match her clothes.

 5.She will arrive wearing  bloomers, a gorgeous petticoat made from vintage linen and a lovely pink dress

6 She comes with hand made bag allowing you to tuck her away and keep her safe.


Highland Articulture  create one of a kind beautiful dolls

May 14, 03:32 pm

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