Reborn Dolls Australia

REBORN DOLLS AUSTRALIA , THE BABY MAKER Andama Dujon are now listing Reborns for sale at the  KNICK KNACKERY in Glen Innes.


These baby dolls are all hand made, they are life size , life like and are all one of a kind. Andama Dujon is a master artist in her field and makes babies for movies and ads in both Australia and America including the  Australia drama Underbelly Series and she was the first to have a reborn used in the film industry in the world. 


You can purchase these babies online or come into the KNICK KNACKERY  and choose your own child.

  Andama Dujon is a leader in the field of baby making


Come and meet the BABY MAKERS at THE KNICK KNACKERY  on Sundays 

Feb 17, 03:20 pm

The baby maker

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