Pans Progress

I have been working on my pan baby for a number of months on and off and here is the progress so far.

The legs have both been hand rooted using a mixture of colours  with the hooves to have their final coat of paint this week. I started to root the hair on the torso this week  finally finishing it last night  and am very pleased with the outcome.

There are still touch up on the torso, arms and head to do before I decide how to root the hair on this little ones head.

Being that this is not an attractive sculpt many happy hours have been spent researching pan gods allowing me to create this baby my way. I have been very disappointed seeing most of these sculpts totally painted rather than rooting the hair then making a faux body which looks awful. The joy of working on these fantasy reborn babies is making them as realistic as possible  which of course means taking the time and hours needed to created beautiful works.

 I am hoping to finish this little one by the end of next week.


Oct 25, 04:09 pm

The baby maker

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