Glen Faun Fantasy

How beautiful is our creation of Glen Faun, a  hybrid  goat mix and what a winning combination.

 I created the body from a heavy cotton which I then painted with an oil paint giving him an amazing skin  colour.


Glen Faun was designed by Andama Dujon then lovingly stitched and  dressed in faux fur making him very unique.

 Glen Faux  is a cuteness overload and much of his personality is because of his ears and the wonderful shape of his face. 


This little guy is a bringer of good luck 


Glen Faun was created for our Highland Gothic collection  and this creature can be found only at Andama Galleries Glen Innes or at our online gallery 



 From horn to Hoof he is nearly 20 inches in height



Sep 25, 12:24 am

The baby maker

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