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Okay I conceed that Ebay listing for reborn dolls are for those who do not want to spend much money and for artists who dont know what they are doing. There is in fact very few reborns for sale as most of the 12,000 listing were for mass produced dolls made in China and of course some kits and a very few actual dolls that had been reborned and honestly they were poorly done. 

 Do these listing make real reborn dolls look expensive well DAH yes  they do but what's on offer on ebay should not come under the heading of reborn doll.


Is it time to change the term reborn to ART DOLL ???? well yes I would say so and I have seen that many very good artist have already started doing so  and even I am now calling my reborns Life like baby art dolls.


I am back onto the old subject of when is an artist not an artist well looking at ebay pretty much covers that subject. 

There are no bad doll kits there are however some really shocking dolls made from these kits and that has nothing to do with the kit.  


Be good at what you do or please just don't do it




Feb 18, 01:38 am

The baby maker

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