Dead sewing machines


Its a fact that when one of your electrical  items dies it seems the rest decide to throw themselves under the same bus and  the rest go out in sympathy , this week two sewing machines and a note pad all passed away,awwwwww

 It was  mad dash to the closest town (one hour away) as the one I live in a small town that doesnt have any major shops  but who doesnt love a road trip and of course I had to go as not having a sewing machine is like coming off drugs (not pleasent)


I have to say I normally shop at Lindcraft because they are a lot cheaper than anywhere else EXCEPT when it comes to sewing machines so I bit the bullet and went to Spotlight in Armidlae NSW Australia and low and behold they were have a 30% off everything sale (I checked before I went to see what kind of sale they were having) 

 I got two sewing machines, one for $69 and the other for $107 REALLY!!!!!!!!!  I have decided to NEVER get a machine fixed again as it is cheaper to throw out the broken one  and get  a new one which comes with a five year warrenty. WOW. So it seems that I have joined the throw away society while helping another job bite the dust ( sewing machine repairs) 


The machines are of course brands that I have never heard of but hey man they work and they are affordable, the photo is from the net (it was easier) 



Mar 6, 03:09 PM

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