Crazy quilting week 2

Week two and this one turned into a weekend work shop as I had so much planned that it actually took two days instead of one to get through it all and it was FANTASTIC.

The crazy layered quilting classes take a lot of space so I only ever work with two students at any one time, this gives us plenty of room to move our  squares around while laying  them out.

These classes are not only very popular they are always a great success and these two students (Grace and Sue) will continue to have lessons for the next twelve months on Saturdays but I can tell you now they are hooked lol.

 The aim with these quilts is to use as much recycled linen as possible along with bling and any other bits and bobs one feels will work on their quilts (buttons are very popular) such as lace, ribbons unusual fabrics, doilies, table runners, table cloths and really the list is endless. 

You are more than welcome to follow the progress of this class from go to woe and over the next few months these two lovely ladies will be making one coloured and one heritage quilt at the same time.


Jun 23, 01:45 am

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