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This little girl is a gorgeous  one of a kind, life like, life size baby brought to life by master artist Andama Dujon,

 baby Cleveland

 weighs 3lbs 11 oz

Length approx 18 inches 

DOB  December 6th 2013

 Cleveland has been hand painted giving her skin very life like tones with veins, blushing and shading in all the right places. she has been given a baby manicure and we have glossed her nails and lips giving them a beautiful wet look.

Her hair has been hand rooted one strand at a time and then sealed it inside the head. Her new mum will be able to gently wet and style  her hair for years to come. Gently washing the hair brings a beautifu shine to it and because it is high quality mohair spraying the hair with a mixture of water and fabric softener will keep the hair soft and manageable.


Cleveland has a soft jointed body making her very cuddle-licious and very posable. You will be forgiven for thinking this little lady is real when glancing at her and her wistfull expession will fill your heart with joy.

Cleveland has a hand made outfit which is stunning. Made with the softest cream fabrics  covered in lots of lace and ribbon roses, this little, girl is dressed to impress. The outfit is the stunning little dress with matching panties and bonnet and we have given her the cutest sock as well. She travels to her new home wearing this outfit plus a cute little sleeper onesie, a wrap and a custom made passport.


Cleveland brought to life by The baby maker Andama Duojn at Reborn dolls Australia 







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The baby maker

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