Dearly Departed 1

OMG I finally go the hair on my Dearly Departed baby so from here on it's plain sailing  OH if only that were true but feel free to drop in and keep up with the progress



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Market barrows

We are having 10 barrows made for the spring and they will be used for the new markets we are operating on the weekends. They will be based on this design but with a few alterations so do call in again and see how these wagons go



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Revamped pram

I was given a very damaged antique pram so had the base repaired and used for one of my other prams and this gorgeous cane basket and hood are going to be revamped and reused.

I have done the first black part and will be adding the red next. In a few weeks this pram will - Read More

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Zombie babies

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How gorgeous are these works in progress which have taken a massive amount of work  but are now ready for their eyes their hair and clothing . I bet you want to come back and have another look at their progress as even I dont know how they will look - Read More

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Dearly Departed

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How gorgeous are these three nearly completed  LOVED TO DEATH DOLLS  which have been made using the most amazing fabrics and laces.

Each of our LOVED TO DEATH DOLLS have been hand designed and hand made in Glen Innes  NSW Australia and all are one of a kind. These ladies will be - Read More

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Loved to death newbie

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I have been working on my newist LOVED TO DEATH doll and she is nearly finished. I have made her using the most amazing fabrics and laces. This liitle lady is a one of a kind and has been hand made. her dress is made from beautiful velvet as is her - Read More

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New crazy quilt

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I have started working on a new crazy quilt and I want this one to be very bright. I am entering three quilts in the show next year and will be sharing their progress as i make them 



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Ghost children

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I adore old dolls as they have such beauty about them ,  I wonder how many children have played with and or admired these dolls over the years and how many children has each doll been loved by.

so seeing them tossed away and damaged breaks my heart. 


 This little lady when finished - Read More

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Glen Clootie WIP 2



This gorgeous scotsman is getting new clothes so he will look very dapper when they are finished and all he needs after that are some very Celtic tattoos which will make him very cool indeed. Call back in to see Glen Clootie all dressed up waiting for somewhere to go


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WIP Glen Clootie

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My Scottish doll is well on its way to be completed.

All we need now is a whole lot of  Celtic tattoo's, some body hair a hat and a kilt lol

Guess what I will be doing this week
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