Our wagon markets are due to open on the last week of September and of course we are providing wagons for everyone to use so I thought I would share the progress of one of mine .

I create the LOVED TO DEATH DOLLS  and am making them their own hearse based on the English horse - Read More

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Dearly departed Gothic boy

DEARLY DEPARTED boy has been returned from his visit to the dressmakers with his new custom made outfit
I will do all the trimmings and add the usual bling lol and he will be ready to be listed for adoption. How cool is his coffin which has been handmade by - Read More

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OMG what will it be

I have started to paint my wagon lol and you will have to call back to see progress photos and updtaes on how this beautiful wagon will end up . It will b e of course be original and very unsual
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Book and Puzzle wagon

We have begun staining this gorgeous wagon which will be used for books, pouzzles and games and how beautiful it is turning out. We will be adding two more coats then this little lady will be good to go

 pop back in for new posts 

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Wagons are go

We are having some  gorgeous wagons made for the front of the shop and we will use them every weekend as market wagons and the first two have arrived and they are FANTASTIC   stay tuned for all the updates

 these two are going to be for books, puzzles and games 


and the other will in - Read More

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Dearly Departed 1

OMG I finally go the hair on my Dearly Departed baby so from here on it's plain sailing  OH if only that were true but feel free to drop in and keep up with the progress



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Market barrows

We are having 10 barrows made for the spring and they will be used for the new markets we are operating on the weekends. They will be based on this design but with a few alterations so do call in again and see how these wagons go



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Revamped pram

I was given a very damaged antique pram so had the base repaired and used for one of my other prams and this gorgeous cane basket and hood are going to be revamped and reused.

I have done the first black part and will be adding the red next. In a few weeks this pram will - Read More

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Zombie babies

click on photos to supersize


How gorgeous are these works in progress which have taken a massive amount of work  but are now ready for their eyes their hair and clothing . I bet you want to come back and have another look at their progress as even I dont know how they will look - Read More

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Dearly Departed

Click on photos to enlarge


How gorgeous are these three nearly completed  LOVED TO DEATH DOLLS  which have been made using the most amazing fabrics and laces.

Each of our LOVED TO DEATH DOLLS have been hand designed and hand made in Glen Innes  NSW Australia and all are one of a kind. These ladies will be - Read More

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