WIP Nov baby Bassinete

My next WIP and this should be very nice
I adore these beautiful bassinets and I love it even more when I find them as I love to restore them
The baby maker

WIP vintage doll pram

MY next work in Progress and how cute is this pram rescued from a recycle shop, I have visions of lace and pink chenille Mmmmmm

 I bet this turns out amazing





The baby maker

Eddie is nearly there

This gorgeous rat I have made by hand  and I have now finished his fantastic pants from the most beautiful Tweed fabric. I am now going to make him a matching collar and give him his fob watch then his new mum is waiting to take him home.


Eddie is a one of - Read More

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Mange Eddie


Well this little fellow has already been adopted and will be collected next week and of course his new um named him Eddie,
Eddie is just waiting on whiskers, a tail,  pants and his fob watch so he will be one very cool - Read More

The baby maker


Mange is my new rat who is well on the way to being born, This dude or dudet  is jointed and is the most amazing blue faux fur which has been trimmed to give him/her a really  cool new look. Today I will be adding the ears and even clothes so pop back in soon - Read More

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Ivy Jane by Melady Hess

Loved making this little little girl and she is nearly finished, her hair has been done and once she has had a few touch ups I will be putting her together this week.

Ivy Jane by Melady Hess brought to life by Andama Dujon



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WIP August 2017

I have started on a new set of babies and have begun their washes, the down side is that it is so cold here that the washes takes ages to dry so I can generally only get a couple of coats on every day. I have two Bonnie Browns on the racks including a Pixi - Read More

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My one of a kind rats have been selling really well so I thought I would share my new creations as they are coming to life


This little hippie is to be known as Chili as he will be one very Chilaxed Rat


The fabric I am using is silky and soft and of course the most - Read More

The baby maker

WIP July 2017

well I am back into making babies and this not so little one is having her hair rooted.

This little girl will be gorgeous and should be ready for photos in a week so pop in and have a look


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