Sandwich cakes

wow these cakes are so easy to make and so well received from people.


This is the first one I have made and it was amazing so shall be doing more as they are great for left overs so roll on Christmas.

The baby maker


Mange is my new rat who is well on the way to being born, This dude or dudet  is jointed and is the most amazing blue faux fur which has been trimmed to give him/her a really  cool new look. Today I will be adding the ears and even clothes so pop back in soon - Read More

The baby maker

Angels at the Knick Knackery

IMG 3252

I ordered two gorgeous angels for our store and they have arrived



The baby maker

Going Going Gone

Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 7.07.28 AM

The massive and wild tree in my yard has now been tamed and as much as I dislike destroying trees this one was destroying my drains


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The tree

IMG 3191

The cost of removing this tree was about the same as the price of a small car so I was to say the least a little gob smacked but in two weeks my ginormous tree becomes mulch and the drains and pipes on the property will no doubt heave a sigh of relief



The baby maker

My salmon house

IMG 3174

I am not sure why ??????? but who ever decorated this little house I purchased decided to trim the ENTIRE place using a very bright salmon paint and they didn't miss a spot lol.
Yesterday the 17th of May we began the process of painting the entire house which I am - Read More

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Cheese Making Workshops



I did a one day cheese making workshop with Lyndall Dykes and I have to say it would have the be the best course I have ever done and in my many years on this earth I have done a few lol

There are a couple of - Read More

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HONEY COW make your own bee hive





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Teddy Bears Shopping

IMG 2863


 Teddy Bear Latte had to go shopping so he went to the bank, checked the post office box then the supermarket and home. The catch up on all the daily events.



Teddy Bears Australia

The baby maker

Teddy Bears Doctor Adventure

IMG 2757


Teddy Bear Latte had to go to the Doctor for a check up and this was his day.


Watch vidoe of Latte's Doctors visit at link below.


Teddy Bears Australia 

The baby maker

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