OPHELIA the wood Elf

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I have been making Elves and I have to say I love it so thought I would share some photos of one that was completed a while ago.  This elf is stunning and is of course a one of a kind making it highly collectible.The clothing is also handmade and has been made to suit - Read More

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Coloured mohair for Fantasy dolls

I have been getting into fantasy reborn dolls of late and have really had to hunt to find an Australian supplier of dyed and fantasy mohair but it payed off as I found a women in Melbourne  called strength honour wares and I fRead More
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The fact is the term reborn doll is being thrown around the internet a bit like confetti at a wedding.
Reborn dolls are not mass produced nor are they made in China or factories anywhere in the world. You will only find one of - Read More

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Reborn Dolls Australia

REBORN DOLLS AUSTRALIA , THE BABY MAKER Andama Dujon are now listing Reborns for sale at the  KNICK KNACKERY in Glen Innes.


These baby dolls are all hand made, they are life size , life like and are all one of a kind. Andama Dujon is a master artist in her field and makes babies for - Read More

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Babies back in store

Well we once again we have BABIES FOR SALE  at  the KNICK KNACKERY  and the GLEN INNES MARKETS .


These gorgeous Babies are all one of a kind, they are hand made by Local artist Andama Dujon and are life size as well as life like.


We will also be loading our new FAIRIES OF THE - Read More

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The Glen Innes doll makers meet at the Knick Knackery every Sunday and have done for over a year and they make far too much noise, far too much mess and far too much fun  and it's so great



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Meet baby Willa born 28th November 2017 and brought to life by Andama Dujon (the baby maker) using a Saoirse sculpt by Bonnie Brown.


This gorgeous girl is a one of akind life like baby doll created by the Baby Maker at Andama Galleries She has been hand painted giving her - Read More

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Petal by Elly Knoops

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$250 Australia only


One of a kind gorgeous 15 inch baby doll brought to life by master artist Andama Dujon at Andama Galleries (Knick Knackery)


This litle girl is amazing from her perfect skin tones to her hand rooted hair and hand made outfit. She has been hand painted and being only 15 - Read More

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Bride Doll

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Toddler size Bride dolls were very popular when I was a child in the 60's and I was lucky enough to have one. I decided to recapture some childhood memories by making my own toddler bride doll using a Greta sculpt by Donna Lee and this doll is about - Read More

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