January doll classes 2020

The reborn doll classes run by Reborn Dolls Australia have taken off with a hiss and a roar which is lovely and Saturdays at the Knick Knackery in Glen Innes where the classes are held are way too much fun.

The students this year are really getting into the making of these life like babies and - Read More

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Dolls and Babies for sale

Reborn dolls Australia has been running classes for those wanting to make these gorgeous life like art dolls at the Knick Knackery in Glen Innes NSW and now the students are able to sell their creations in the store. These babies are very inexpensive as they are -

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Fawn or pan

I have started my new baby and it's a fantasy realborn art doll


This beautiful creature will be my version of Pan and I will keep everyone up to date  on the progress of this little lovely



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New baby Luca

Hi everyone and thanks for looking at my newest creation.


This little girl is a one of a kind hand made life like baby created by Master artist Andama Dujon using her favourite sculpt Luca by Elly Knoops.


This little lady is approx 14 inches in lengh and everything about her is beautiful. Her hair has been - Read More

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Messy doll classes

I have to say that our doll classes are often messy however they are always fun, Here are a couple pf photos of last Sundays class



Reborn dolls Australia works out of the KNICK KNACKERY  in Glen Innes 

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Coloured mohair for Fantasy dolls

I have been getting into fantasy reborn dolls of late and have really had to hunt to find an Australian supplier of dyed and fantasy mohair but it payed off as I found a women in Melbourne  called strength honour wares and I fRead More
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The fact is the term reborn doll is being thrown around the internet a bit like confetti at a wedding.
Reborn dolls are not mass produced nor are they made in China or factories anywhere in the world. You will only find one of - Read More

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Reborn Dolls Australia

REBORN DOLLS AUSTRALIA , THE BABY MAKER Andama Dujon are now listing Reborns for sale at the  KNICK KNACKERY in Glen Innes.


These baby dolls are all hand made, they are life size , life like and are all one of a kind. Andama Dujon is a master artist in her field and makes babies for - Read More

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The Glen Innes doll makers meet at the Knick Knackery every Sunday and have done for over a year and they make far too much noise, far too much mess and far too much fun  and it's so great



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Baby Making classes


Click on photos to enlarge 

Due to popular demand I have started the baby making classes again at the Knick Knackery and thought I would share a couple of photos.

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