Messy doll classes

I have to say that our doll classes are often messy however they are always fun, Here are a couple pf photos of last Sundays class



Reborn dolls Australia works out of the KNICK KNACKERY  in Glen Innes 

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She is mine

Today I picked up my tiny campervan and tomorrow she will go into the shop to be all fixed up and made ready for her first trip with me on board. I love her to bits so drop in often and watch her change and grow lol



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It's Mine

I am now the proud owner of a very tiny camper . Wahooooo

Let the fun begin  



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EBAY and Reborns



Okay I conceed that Ebay listing for reborn dolls are for those who do not want to spend much money and for artists who dont know what they are doing. There is in fact very few reborns for sale as most of the 12,000 listing were for mass produced dolls made in China and of - Read More

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New security

Such is the way of the world these days that stores need to install all kinds of security and we have started to have our security screens installed this week. These screens are not designed to keep people out as but to stop our windows being broken and I have to say I am pretty - Read More

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Sunday doll making classes

I teach reborn doll making on Sundays at our shop THE KNICK KNACKERY GLEN INNES AUSTRALIA  and the day has now turned into a very social event for locals who drop in and out all day which is lovely.

Sue is one of my students and she has proudly finished her first reborn and what a - Read More

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Dicki is my MM

My mare male is my bird and what an attitude he has developed over time.

He demands attention when he is out and about lol

 check out the look 



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Love my fur babies

I thought I would share some newe photos of the fur babies.

It is wintetr here and I have to say it has pretty mild to date, no snow and even with the temps dropping to -7 at nights the days are always amazing allowing the dogs to find the warm sunny spots in the gardens 





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Dark Morris Hat

I thought I would share my new Dark Morris dance hat and face mask, Pretty darn cool me thinks



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Opal is relaxing



I have been looking after a gorgeous dog Opal  and she was very shy when she first came to stay three weeks ago, however NOW she sleeps where ever she likes, she spends a great deal of time with my other two fur babies and today when I went out the back she had made - Read More

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