Winter markets

Well the mobile markets are now actually mobile and last week there were two of traveling but next month there will be four of us wahooo.

 I had a lovely time camping in my van then doing the markets in a couple of gorgeous towns in NS.

Stayed at Narrabri the first night then did their markets - Read More

The baby maker

My bird is on the move


I am away for a couple of days soon and my bird does not like being left at home PLUS he hates everyone except me so he will be traveling with me in his smaller cage and he can roam the camper when I park up. I -

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The baby maker


I have been downsizing my belongings so I can upsize my life.

Having purchased my campervan  I am now in the process of doing it up inside so it is a little boho Gypsy so to speak and I am heading off to do markets in my tiny home. To do this I have really - Read More

The baby maker

Nearly there

My girl comes back from the mechanic tomorrow (she has been there a week ) with a new timing belt and lots of other work now complete making her ready for her first trip which is on Sunday. I will be doing an over nighter a five hour drive each way and - Read More

The baby maker

Wish me luck

So I spent all of Monday looking at this gorgeous 1991 Mazda  campervan and my mechanic is looking at it early Friday morning and hopefully by Friday afternoon it will be MINE mine mine. Automatic drives like a dream and perfect for this traveling artist lol Keep your fingers crossRead More
The baby maker

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