New security

Such is the way of the world these days that stores need to install all kinds of security and we have started to have our security screens installed this week. These screens are not designed to keep people out as but to stop our windows being broken and I have to say I am pretty - Read More

The baby maker

Sunday doll making classes

I teach reborn doll making on Sundays at our shop THE KNICK KNACKERY GLEN INNES AUSTRALIA  and the day has now turned into a very social event for locals who drop in and out all day which is lovely.

Sue is one of my students and she has proudly finished her first reborn and what a - Read More

The baby maker


IMG 7066



Well we needed a new Kitchen door at the Knick Knackery and finally decided to have one especially constructed and what better idea than the Tardis from Dr Who.







The baby maker

Knick-Knackery on Facebook

As you know we are moving and our new store is going to be called the KNICK-KNACKERY  and it is at Glen Innes New South Wales Australia


 We are now on FACEBOOK so please keep up with the news at the Knick-knackery Facebook



The baby maker

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