Victorian secret doll bed



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Gorgeous fully restored doll cradle, all the bedding has been hand made using stunning vintage linen. This is a one of a kind and was brought back to life by local artist Andama Dujon and will be for sale at Faeries of the Glen.


Every doll needs a gorgeous bed - Read More

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Pretty in Pink restored Pram

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OMG how super cute is this restored  dolls pram by Andama Dujon all new hand made sheets , mattress, quilt, pillow and pillow case using vintage linen and how gorgeous is the lace doily which has been used to line the inside of the pram and the - Read More

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Restored Vintage Pram

RESTORED DOLLS PRAM, this gorgeous pram has been fully restored at Andama Galleries and Faeries of the Glen and all the bedding has been handmade using beautiful vintage linen and lace. I have hand stitched pearls onto all the lace making it look very cute. Pram comes with new - Read More

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Petal by Elly Knoops

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$250 Australia only


One of a kind gorgeous 15 inch baby doll brought to life by master artist Andama Dujon at Andama Galleries (Knick Knackery)


This litle girl is amazing from her perfect skin tones to her hand rooted hair and hand made outfit. She has been hand painted and being only 15 - Read More

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Levi by Bonnie Brown

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This gorgeous one of  a kind little girl has been brought to life by Master Artist Andama Dujon at Andama Galleries (Knick Knackery) 

She is a life like and life size  baby doll/ art doll and she has been hand painted using Genesis heat set paints layer upon layer - Read More

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Well we have finally decided to get our Witch and Fae on in Glen Innes

We are opening another store called Faeries of the Glen and have also started a new club for women called Hexenbrut  which I think will be a great hit as we have had so many people contacting us wanting to - Read More

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Ivy Jane by Melady Hess

Loved making this little little girl and she is nearly finished, her hair has been done and once she has had a few touch ups I will be putting her together this week.

Ivy Jane by Melady Hess brought to life by Andama Dujon



 Reborn Dolls Australia the home -

Read More
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Knick Knackery

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Andama Galleries is now housed at the Knick Knackery Glen Innes NSW Australia and how cool is the place looking




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Wire coat hanger covers

IMG 2158
These gorgeous coat hanger covers hanve been hand made by Andama Dujon using vintage pillowcase, linnen, doilies and much more. These are all one of a kind and all made using upcycled items
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Boudoir pillows

IMG 1950



Gorgeous boudoir pillows created by Andama Dujon at EXTRAORDINARY THINGS  using upcycled vintage hand towels, doilies, beads and bling, we love to recycle and these pillows are a wonderful example of this at its best .

Priced between $6 and $16 and all one of a kind these are perfect girfts




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