First wagon

Our first wagon is nearly finished and today I went out to the property where they are being made to make the finloa decisions on the end we hope for. We have decided to let our building artist have free range with the rest of  the wagons and make each oine unique which will be - Read More

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KK Glen Innes

There is no place like our place , every changing and growing so please call in and see us
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Knick Knackery May 2018

There is no place like our place so come see us from Thursday to Sunday in the Glen Innes highlands 



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Dark Morris dancing

We all have hobbies and one of mine is raising funds for charities in my town, I do a little Morris dancing for the fantasy and mystical realm cos play group and here are is me (on the left ) and others in our group



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Market barrows

We are having 10 barrows made for the spring and they will be used for the new markets we are operating on the weekends. They will be based on this design but with a few alterations so do call in again and see how these wagons go



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Whats new at the Knick Knackery

Pretty much everything is new at  the Knick Knackery in Glen Innes as it is is ever changing so call in and have a look as there is no place like our place
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Knick Knackery Glen Innes March 2018


click on photos to supersize 


This year is moving quickly and the Knick Knackery  continues to grow and change every week which is fantastic, it has been voted the best shop in Glen Innes which is pretty impressive and pretty cool and even I have to say there is no place like our place 


anyway here - Read More

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removing the weave from the loom

check out this video, removing the weave from the loom. The Glen Innes fiber arts group meets every Friday at the Knick Knackery and all classes are free

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Loved to death Pram number two




We need three prams for the witches fest which is one of our fund raisers  and way we got given two very old cane prams that could not be repaired but the wheels are fantastic. The guy who is converting these for us is really getting - Read More

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Crone Glen Mabaa

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The crones are coming and here is the first to arrive
GLEN MABAA. This crone has been handmade in the Highlands and will be waiting to meet you at FAERIES OF THE GLEN May 3rd.
This crone was hand painted then, -

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