Scarves and hats

HANDMADE scarves and hats are coming to THE GLEN INNES MARKETS and all are very affordable.
Meet the Merchants of Glen Innes opposite the railways station
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Faux fur Fox Stoles

Handmade in the Highlands at  Rare Flair are these goergeous one of a kind Faux Fox Fur Stoles and all are for sale at the GLEN INNES MARKETS  and the KNICK KNACKERY. These stoles are amazing and under $100 they are also very affordable



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Whats new in Glen

Artists in the GLEN INNES HIGHLANDS  create some outstanding works and all of them are one of a kind. These gorgeous creations can ONLY be found at the KNICK KNACKERY  and at the GLEN INNES MARKETS (Saturday's).

 We will be loading lots of photos of works by local artists so follow us and see - Read More

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Highland Gothic

Designed and made in Glen Innes are the most amazing selection of Gothic dolls from reborns to rag and take my word for it they are unusual,slightly weird and oh so gorgeous. The fabric Gothich dolls are designed and created by master artist Andama Dujoin and can be found at  the GLEN INNES MARKETS and - Read More

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Highland made

If it's made in the Highlands you know its unusual and made well.


The GLEN INNES MARKETS offers local Merchants the space to sell their handmade wares at no cost to themselves which is great for the little guy wanting to share their skills, ideas and products with others .


Check out the Glen Innes Markets - Read More

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Crone Glen Mabaa

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The crones are coming and here is the first to arrive
GLEN MABAA. This crone has been handmade in the Highlands and will be waiting to meet you at FAERIES OF THE GLEN May 3rd.
This crone was hand painted then, -

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