Elf is nearly finished

I have to say that photos do not do this little one justice as she/he is rather amazing.


I have painted so many layers for the skin tones to make a real  gnarly look which is beautiful.


The ELF is a HALFLING making it half human hand half ELF which is why the features look in an - Read More

The baby maker

Elf is fantastic

My elf is comiong along far better than  I thought and so far he/she has had around 100 coats of paint and of course the amazing hair, I really like the way this little one ios turning out and can  ot wait to put it together over the next few weeks and take the photos. - Read More

The baby maker


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 The first of the LOVED TO DEATH range is now complete and she is sooooo gorgeous . Made in Glen Innes by Andama Dujon. This gorgeous girl is a one of a kind fabric art doll and will be for sale at FAERIES OF THE - Read More

The baby maker

Glen Loxy Jasper by Denise Pratt

$250 Australia


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This little faerie has been brought to life by master artist Andama Dujon at Andama Galleries (Knick Knackery)

This  faerie is a one of a kind and she has been hand painted using Genesis heat set paints giving her an amazing skin tone, her hair has been hand rooted and - Read More

The baby maker

Glen Treasure


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$250  Australia only

Glen Treasure is a one of  kind 10 inch Faerie brought to life by Master artist Andama Dujon at Andama Galleries (Knick Knackery)Glen Innes


This gorgeous Fae is one of the Faeries of the Glen Range and comes complete with her treasure chest bed. Everything about this Faerie is perfect  - Read More

The baby maker

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