Coloured mohair for Fantasy dolls

I have been getting into fantasy reborn dolls of late and have really had to hunt to find an Australian supplier of dyed and fantasy mohair but it payed off as I found a women in Melbourne  called strength honour wares and I fRead More
The baby maker

Elf is nearly finished

I have to say that photos do not do this little one justice as she/he is rather amazing.


I have painted so many layers for the skin tones to make a real  gnarly look which is beautiful.


The ELF is a HALFLING making it half human hand half ELF which is why the features look in an - Read More

The baby maker

Elf is fantastic

My elf is comiong along far better than  I thought and so far he/she has had around 100 coats of paint and of course the amazing hair, I really like the way this little one ios turning out and can  ot wait to put it together over the next few weeks and take the photos. - Read More

The baby maker

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