Craft winners Dec 2012


Baby Banter Craft competition winners December 2012.

This competiton was an open competition allowing members to be creative and show off their many and varied talents when it comes to creation



The baby maker

Don't Toy With Me Oct 2011


Baby Banter Don't Toy with Me  CRAFT competition.

 This is a competiton where the toys must be hand made and these toys are outstanding 



The baby maker

Have Ewe any Wool


Baby banter Have ewe any wool competition winners.


This is a competition where the members must have made an outfit using wool or cotton and these winners did so well.



The baby maker

Most Realistic Fledglings 2013

serene1st zpsb9f3bcfb

Baby Banter most realistic fledglings reborn doll competition February 2013.

This competition is for artists of one year or less skill level and these winners did so well with not only creating the reborn doll  but the outfits and posing for the photos.


The baby maker

Most Realistic Feb 2013

judy1st zpsf7c4ecf5
Baby Banter  most relistic reborn doll competition February 2013 winners
The baby maker

Its the Hat winner

judywest1stalt zps68f0fdcd

This baby banter competition was so cute and those who entered hat to have a hat in the photos somewhere and the winners did such a good job



The baby maker

Money Shot winners 2012


Money shot Baby Banter competiton winners.

This is the pose or photo the artists consider to be the money shot or the photo that will appeal the most to the public 

The baby maker

Fledglings Oct 2012


Fledglings competiton winners October 2012 on the baby banter reborn forum. These are artists of one year or less skill level



The baby maker

Cutest dressed


Cutest dressed competition winners October 2012 on the baby  banter reborn doll forum


The baby maker

Artists June 2012

Congratulations to the June most realistic baby wwinners
The baby maker

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