Escape artists on the move

There is nothing I like better than a few days away in my tiny camper  than  meeting up with other artists who also like to escape for a creative get away a lot of laughs and truth be told a lot of creating.

I am surprized at how much I personally get done when I have - Read More

The baby maker

Van curtains being

I am rather pleased with myself as I have finally started on my van curtains and the first one is now up.

I am going very colourful this time so I am having a ball.



The baby maker

My travel home is getting a few tweaks

I have saved enough to send my gorgeous van away for a little tweaking. I do not like having the bed made up as that means I have to sit on it if I am inside so I am going to get the TINY (not made for real people ) single bed - Read More

The baby maker

Living the Dream

Yes I am about to hit the road again in the Galah ( my camper) as spring is here and yes I love my tiny camper sooooooo over the next four weeks I am going to Gypsy it up and make it a whole lot of funky so please feel free to call on in - Read More

The baby maker

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