Baby bedding

THE GLEN INNES MARKETS  will soon be selling locally made baby quilts and blankets, all one of a kind and only to be found at THE GLEN INNES MARKETS  and the  KNICK KNACKERY

Quilts and blankets can be made to order so come on down and ask for SUE 


There are no markets like the GLEN INNES - Read More

The baby maker

Baby clothes


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THE GLEN INNES MARKETS  welocme another MERCHANT of Glen Innes Innes  (SUE) the creator of  gorgeous baby and little people clothing and she can be found only at the GLEN INNES MARKETS and the KNICK KNACKERY.


Everyone loves beautiful hand crafted gifts and artists in the Highlands know how to - Read More

The baby maker

Reborn doll dress three

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I have to say that this dress and bonnet are to day my favourite because I LOVE THE COLOUR. All hand made and one of a kind and this outfit screams cutenss overload 


Made by The Baby Maker Andama Dujon  in the Glen Innes Highlands 


Faeries of the Glen,

The Knick Knackery 

Andama Galleries 



where the - Read More

The baby maker

Reborn dress two

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I love making these one of a kind baby outfits as they seem to come to become what they are as I sew, there is never a plan of how they should should turn out which is good really as I have never been able to follow a plan lol


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The baby maker

Reborn dress one

This outfit is a one of a kind hand made in the Highlands using upcycled fabrics and how gorgeous has this turned out

 Matching bonnet, dress and pants all so darn cute and this outfit will make your baby shine


Find these beautiful clothes at 


Andama Galleries

Reborn Dolls Australia 

Faeries of the Glen 

The Baby Maker  


 All this - Read More

The baby maker

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