Works in progress

I have been pretty busy of late but I have finally managed to finish the hair on my Saorise by Bonnie Brown and am hoping to get the rest of the baby finished this month as well


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insulate your cooler or esky

This is such a great idea to keep your cooler or esky colder for much longer and it is so easy to make.


check out our blog for instuctions




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Work Room this evening

It was time to get my work space in hand and I finally got to it today, I have to say it took me ALL day to do it but it was well worth it.

 We are opening another shop called Faeires of the Glen and we are getting ready to do a massive move - Read More

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Messy work room this morning

I have so much on the go most of the time that my work room can get totally out of control at times and I have let mine do that for weeks now. so this is how it looked before I attacked it this morning



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Crazy Quilts

Andama Dujon loves to recycle and making crazy quilts and throws is something she really enjoys.

Her quilts are hand made and all are one of a kind  and start from $15 for  a babies throw to $1500 for a queens size 

 All can be viewed and or purchased from the Knick Knackery Glen Innes NSW - Read More

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July work room

My work room changes every day but by Sunday of each week it looks like a bomb has gone off, anyway I ahve finally started to clean my work area up and it feels great. I am in the process of makinfg dolls, rats, and some patchwork throws 



 Reborn Dolls Australia the home of the - Read More

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My one of a kind rats have been selling really well so I thought I would share my new creations as they are coming to life


This little hippie is to be known as Chili as he will be one very Chilaxed Rat


The fabric I am using is silky and soft and of course the most - Read More

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WIP July 2017

well I am back into making babies and this not so little one is having her hair rooted.

This little girl will be gorgeous and should be ready for photos in a week so pop in and have a look


 Reborn dolls Australia, the home of The Baby Maker and Andama Galleries

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Drying tree

I have had a few drying racks over the years and none of them really did what I wanted, some were just too big, or too flimsy or got in the way or were too expensive , you all know how it is !!!!!!
so I found my perfect drying rack which - Read More

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off with His Head

The stashanimal is such a great place to hide things


check out our blog with all the how too photos





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