Glen eggs

the  GLEN INNES MARKETS has eggs this SATURDAY 23rd Febuary


Fresh eggs 

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Reborn Dolls Australia

REBORN DOLLS AUSTRALIA , THE BABY MAKER Andama Dujon are now listing Reborns for sale at the  KNICK KNACKERY in Glen Innes.


These baby dolls are all hand made, they are life size , life like and are all one of a kind. Andama Dujon is a master artist in her field and makes babies for - Read More

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Show day markets

GLEN INNES MARKETS  on show day sunday were as usual a fantastic hit but in reality there are no markets like the  GLEN INNES CART MARKETS


SATURDAY  one week and SUNDAY the next so when in Glen Innes call in and say Hi 



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Babies back in store

Well we once again we have BABIES FOR SALE  at  the KNICK KNACKERY  and the GLEN INNES MARKETS .


These gorgeous Babies are all one of a kind, they are hand made by Local artist Andama Dujon and are life size as well as life like.


We will also be loading our new FAIRIES OF THE - Read More

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Market Visitors

We some some very cool and good looking visitors at the  GLEN INNES MARKETS .  Check out this little fella named Scooter
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Light up your life

The best way to light up your life is to check out the gorgeous lights/lamps/shades at the Knick Knackery
There is no place like our place and if your looking for different then we are the place to see.


Antiques, vintage, the weird the unusual and never the norm so when In - Read More

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Cats Meow at the Knick Knackery

ALL BUT THE CATS MEOW can be found at the Knick Knackery
its cats cats cats so call on in and meet some of them
There is no place like our place

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Luck is in for those who love the unusual and more so those who love GARGOYLES  as three have just arrived at the  KNICK KNACKERY,.


There is no place like the Knick Knackery Glen Innes for the unusual, the weird , the odd and sometimes the norm 

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See what's new at the Knick Knackery


We sell the most unusual things at the most affordable prices Thursday- Sunday 10-4

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New Dolls have arrived

We have some fantastic  dolls that have all been preened and cleaned and will be for sale at  THE GLEN INNES MARKETS on Saturday 26th January. There are no markets like the GLEN INNES CART MARKETS  opposite the HISTORIC RAILWAY STATION 10-3 $15 small and $20 large
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