Galah punch needle rug

I am working on two rugs and this one is to date my favourite as its bright and really pops, I have a long way to go but thought I would share the progress to date. Now lets be honest who doesn't like a Galah (the old people of the bird world lol )



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Glen Innes Where is live is Celtic country and of couse we have a Celtic festival every year which is enormous and this year it celebrates Ireland. I like to dress up and my costume this year is going to be amazing and this is the mask which is awesome. I may not have Read More
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Mine's bigger than yours



Everone knows I like weird and or unusual stuff and I wanted something show stopping for out the front of the shop and TA DAHhhhh today I got this, yes it is tall, in fact it is 8 feet high and it's awesome I am so excited.

When it comes - Read More

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Tiny Dolls now in store

I have been busy making tiny dolls which I love doing and I have finished a few which are now in store and are proving very popular .





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My mini deck

We have finally started to clean up the back yard and since putting in the new fence we have been slowly slogging away and making changes.
I have been using brick as steps since I had a back door put in my apartment in the back of the shop but today I - Read More
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Yard continues

My yard continues to change and the mess created when we had the new fence erected is all but cleared now with the last trip to the tip completed today thankfully.

 I will have to get some hardy grass seeds to repair the lawn and we still have wood to cut up for next winter and - Read More

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Opal has a new home

Today my gorgeous OPAL found a new home and my place seems to be very quiet without her around. An elderly gentleman had to send his little dog to the rainbow bridge and he was beside himself with grief especially now he was alone so his ex wife came to see - Read More
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Dicki helps me sew

seriously my bird thinks he runs my house (well he kind of does Lol) but I'm not telling him that
His idea of helping me sew is to remove everything from my work table by showing it to the floor


Bless his little beak 

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Craft when traveling

well I have a few but I do like to hand sew a lot so this year I am taking my crazy quilt when I travel . I am working on one heritage and one -

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My secret work table

I have down sized my entire living sapce in to one large room as I no longer want to be a slave to  a house and I invested in a campervan which means I travel a lot wahoo . I wanted to go back to living life not it living me and the change has - Read More

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