Winter warmth

For those who do not know, I rescue older dogs and here is a photo of two of my old girls keeping warm on a heated throw on the couch. I do not know what many of my dogs lives were like before they came to me but I know I make sure this part - Read More

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Knick Knackery Glen Innes June 2019

The Knick Knackery in Glen Innes continues to grow and change every day and is now very  popular with tourists visiting the highlands. We sell the very unusual and the norm and all of it is affordable. We do trend the different and do not stock what other stores do which is one of the - Read More

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Knick Knackery in the top 10

The Knick Knackery has been listed in the top 10 best things to do when in Glen Innes and was at the top of the list so how fantastic is that. There are very few shops open in town on the weekends other than the Knick Knackery which opens from 10-4 every weekend  and we - Read More

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Knick Knackery oh yeah


looking for something to do when in Glen then call in and see

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Messy doll classes

I have to say that our doll classes are often messy however they are always fun, Here are a couple pf photos of last Sundays class



Reborn dolls Australia works out of the KNICK KNACKERY  in Glen Innes 

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baby born in class

Life like life size baby doll brought to life by Anne Rutledge at the Reborn Dolls Australia Classes held at the Knick Knackey Glen Innes most Sundays. Well done Anne. on your first baby.
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She is mine

Today I picked up my tiny campervan and tomorrow she will go into the shop to be all fixed up and made ready for her first trip with me on board. I love her to bits so drop in often and watch her change and grow lol



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It's Mine

I am now the proud owner of a very tiny camper . Wahooooo

Let the fun begin  



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Gypsy Boho

This will be my tiny camper look and yes it is Gypsy Boho which I love and of course it is very colourful



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EBAY and Reborns



Okay I conceed that Ebay listing for reborn dolls are for those who do not want to spend much money and for artists who dont know what they are doing. There is in fact very few reborns for sale as most of the 12,000 listing were for mass produced dolls made in China and of - Read More

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