Last screens at the KK

The last of the security screens went in today at the Knick Knackery in Glen Innes and they not only look great they also make us feel much more comfortable at nights with the increase of local idiots roaming the streets  after dark.



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New security

Such is the way of the world these days that stores need to install all kinds of security and we have started to have our security screens installed this week. These screens are not designed to keep people out as but to stop our windows being broken and I have to say I am pretty - Read More

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The First Market

well the Glen Innes markets are now under way and on every Month you will find the Merchant of Glen Innes  selling their wares.

The Glen Innes Markets  are the most unusual in the Highlands and well worth a visit.


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Witches in Glen Innes

There were witches and Morris dancers at the Outlandish festival in Glen Innes and the public loved them and their entertainmen. The Glen Innes witchs can often be found at the Glen Innes Markets or at other events iin our very popular town
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OUTLANDER comes to Glen Innes

THE MERCHANTS OF GLEN INNES  (Glen Innes Markets) were part of the Glen Innes Outlandish festival and set up our cart market in the town square for the hundreds of visitors who came for the Outlander weekend and what a fantastic weekend it was with hundreds - Read More

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Dance hall girls

I have just finished a new collection of LOVED TO DEATH DOLLS and I have called them my dance hall girls as they are all about lace, frills bling and one of a kind clothing to match the fact they are  all  ONE OF A KIND DOLLS



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Weird, wonderful, handmade and upcycled

it is amazing what you will find at the Glen Innes Markets held Saturday's opposite the historic railway station

THE MERCHANTS OF GLEN INNES  have an amazing cart market with handmade items all of which are locally. 

Is it wirth a visit?????? you bet it is and when your in the Highlands of the Great dividing - Read More

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Pixi hats and ugg boots

These gorgeous ugg boot and pixi hat sets have been hand made by Andama Dujon and are all one of a kind. How beautiful is each one and these posing sets are the perfect finishing touch for any photos being taken.




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Gorgeous new girl

Soon to be listed for adoption this one of a kind handmade baby is waiting only on finishing touches and now that she has her handmade outfit she looks amazing.



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Merchants of Glen Innes Markets

we have begun and what a hit the wagon markets have turned out to be.


The support from locals and stall holders alike was amazing  and we know these markets will continue to grow



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