English hearse is finished

One of the great ideas we have come up with is to have a weekend market with a difference and we have been - Read More

The baby maker

Load those wagons

we have started to load the wagons that are finished or pretty close to it and they look AMAZING


The book and Puzzle wagon as well as the Loved to Death hearse are the first to getRead More
The baby maker

My new/old baby cot

I love revamping and recycling things especially when it comes to reborn dolls as I love their beds to be as beautiful as the dolls so here is my latest  creation.


I used the skirt of a wedding dress for the outside frill and it not only fitted perfectly it looks amazing, then I found some - Read More

The baby maker

Dicki is my MM

My mare male is my bird and what an attitude he has developed over time.

He demands attention when he is out and about lol

 check out the look 



The baby maker

Love my fur babies

I thought I would share some newe photos of the fur babies.

It is wintetr here and I have to say it has pretty mild to date, no snow and even with the temps dropping to -7 at nights the days are always amazing allowing the dogs to find the warm sunny spots in the gardens 





The baby maker

My carport

I have decided to get a cover for my car as I am pretty much guessing that I will never get to put my car away again lol.


The market wagons are now arriving and of course all need to be painted, stained , decorated and so much more so my car port has become the - Read More

The baby maker

Pink Snow


Hand Knitted Pixi hat and Ugg boots created by Andama Dujon (the baby Maker

This gorgeous one of a kind set can not be found anywhere else so those looking for the unique and or unusual then this is the perfect baby gift.  

 Made for babies newborn to 3 months this will be the most amazing - Read More

The baby maker

Unicorn Glow



Handknitted in the Glen Innes highlands by Andama Dujon

One of a kind Pixi Hat and Ugg boots  what a great posing set for a baby age newborn -3 and to know you are buying something that is not only very unsusual but that there will only every be one set of these. 

Now thats a great - Read More

The baby maker

Rainbow shine pixie hat and ugg boots

Rainbow shine Pixie hat and ugg boots, Handmade/hand knitted by Andama Dujon
This is a gorgeous one of a kind posing set for a newborn 0-3months and honestly how stunning and unusual is this. What a great gift for those looking for the unusual and handmade in the Highlands of - Read More

The baby maker

Dark Morris Hat

I thought I would share my new Dark Morris dance hat and face mask, Pretty darn cool me thinks



The baby maker

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