Baby Making classes are back

Our baby making classes have begun again and we nmake a massive mess and laugh ourselves silly all day


too much fun

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Lilly Opal and Lucy

my girls are all fluff and love in the winter and seem to enjoy sharing their beds



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My gorgeous girls

Well winter is well on it's way and my fur babies are starting to hunt the sun during the day and they have discovered the electirc throw in the evenings. They are soo cute not to share


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Dark Morris Hat

I thought I would share my new Dark Morris dance hat and face mask, Pretty darn cool me thinks



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Knick Knackery Glen Innes March 2018


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This year is moving quickly and the Knick Knackery  continues to grow and change every week which is fantastic, it has been voted the best shop in Glen Innes which is pretty impressive and pretty cool and even I have to say there is no place like our place 


anyway here - Read More

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New crazy quilt

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I have started working on a new crazy quilt and I want this one to be very bright. I am entering three quilts in the show next year and will be sharing their progress as i make them 



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Baby Making classes


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Due to popular demand I have started the baby making classes again at the Knick Knackery and thought I would share a couple of photos.

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Dead sewing machines


Its a fact that when one of your electrical  items dies it seems the rest decide to throw themselves under the same bus and  the rest go out in sympathy , this week two sewing machines and a note pad all passed away,awwwwww

 It was  mad dash to the closest town (one hour away) as the - Read More

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Buffalo Horns

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So check out this beautiful Buffalo head and horns and how wonderful will it look in the Faeries of the Glen Shop. 


This head and horns is so big its amazing 


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Andama Galleries,

Faeries of the Glen 

Knick Knackery, 


The most amazing places to shop in Glen Innes NSW



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Rams Horn

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How beautiful are these mounted rams horns which are heading to Faeries to the Glen  I will be hanging them on the wall and you will have to come in and see what we do with them





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