My girls



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My family has decreased to two little girls  and they are both getting old now


Lucy has become really gray but still as beautiful as the day she arrived and Lilly may be white but I am sure there is gray mixed in with that hair of hers.


Love my girls to bits.



The baby maker

WIP Nov baby Bassinete

My next WIP and this should be very nice
I adore these beautiful bassinets and I love it even more when I find them as I love to restore them
The baby maker

Sandwich cakes

wow these cakes are so easy to make and so well received from people.


This is the first one I have made and it was amazing so shall be doing more as they are great for left overs so roll on Christmas.

The baby maker

WIP vintage doll pram

MY next work in Progress and how cute is this pram rescued from a recycle shop, I have visions of lace and pink chenille Mmmmmm

 I bet this turns out amazing





The baby maker

Dance group

Yes I joined a dance group in the small town I live in and yes we dress up as witches which is a real hoot. We raise money for charity and so far we have done two events and the crowds seem to really enjoy the dances which is also great.

Anyway - Read More

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Works in progress

I have been pretty busy of late but I have finally managed to finish the hair on my Saorise by Bonnie Brown and am hoping to get the rest of the baby finished this month as well


Faeries of the Glen and Andama Galleries where the unusual come to life 

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Witch costume

So I have become part of the Glen Innes witches Dance group and this is the costume I have made for this months gathering lol.

We do these dances for charity and to help raise funds, plus it is great fun 


The black thing is actually my wig with leaves and twiggs woven through it 


 Faeries of - Read More

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Witches of Glen Innes

Well we have become part of the witches of Glen Innes and have been learning a dance for the last few weeks which has been amazing fun. This group will raise money for local charities and we who do the dancing hopefully take off some weight lol.

The baby maker

Work Room this evening

It was time to get my work space in hand and I finally got to it today, I have to say it took me ALL day to do it but it was well worth it.

 We are opening another shop called Faeires of the Glen and we are getting ready to do a massive move - Read More

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Messy work room this morning

I have so much on the go most of the time that my work room can get totally out of control at times and I have let mine do that for weeks now. so this is how it looked before I attacked it this morning



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