Rice Paper BLT Rolls

awww come on I know you want to give this one a go and for good reason as it is amazing


click on our blog link for the instructions 





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2-Ingredient Dough Pizza

This is cheap and easy and so darn good


check out our blog for the instructions



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I love the Library

I have to say I love the library as it offers so much and its free which makes it perfect in my eyes.

I go every two weeks and borrow videos as well as talking books. I do not enjoy actually reading a book but I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to them. I have them in - Read More

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Fake Cheese Cake

I love this cake as its easy to make and needs no cooking.


Give it a try an let me know what you think

 click on the link below 


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My fur and feather babies

I love my fur and feather babies and here is my crew, yes they are all old and also gorgeous. I am looking after  beautiful Opal the spaniel who has decided she likes my two babies and spends all her time with them. She was quiet when she arrived but it turns out she like - Read More

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Glen Clootie WIP 2



This gorgeous scotsman is getting new clothes so he will look very dapper when they are finished and all he needs after that are some very Celtic tattoos which will make him very cool indeed. Call back in to see Glen Clootie all dressed up waiting for somewhere to go


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WIP Glen Clootie

Click On Photos to Supersize



My Scottish doll is well on its way to be completed.

All we need now is a whole lot of  Celtic tattoo's, some body hair a hat and a kilt lol

Guess what I will be doing this week
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Bonny Brown WIP

my work in progress is slowly coming together and I love the way the hair has turned out

There is something really satisfying about hand rooting the hair on these reborn art dolls it really does add to the realistic effect we try to achive andI like the vinyl BonnyBrown uses on her kits


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I have an Opal

click on photos to enlarge


 well this little girl lost her fur mate on Tuesday and now her human dad is in hospital  at the moment and her human mum is staying close to the hospital for a while and will come home weekends to see this gorgeous girl. I thought it would - Read More

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Crone Glen Mabaa

Click on photos to enlarge



The crones are coming and here is the first to arrive
GLEN MABAA. This crone has been handmade in the Highlands and will be waiting to meet you at FAERIES OF THE GLEN May 3rd.
This crone was hand painted then, -

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