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 watch video of Amala at link below

 AMALA is a gorgeous life like reborn baby created by master artist Andama Dujon using a sold out limited edition Serene sculpt by Tamie Yarie   number 867of 1000.

 I have to say this little girl is truly stunning and photos do not do her justice.

She has been hand painted using many very thin layers of genesis heat set paints  making her skin look very realisitc indeed. 

No detail has been overlooked in the creation of Amala from the top of her head to her 10 tiny manicured nails.

  Her hair has been hand rooted one strand at a time  using the finest mohair  with just the slightest natural curl and it can be gently washed and styled by her mum so it will always look nice.  she had chocolate brown eyes which have a realistic depth and give her face the cutest wistfull look.

Her body is soft and jointed allowing perfect posing  and her arms are 3/4 and her legs are full so dressing this little girl will be lots of fun.

We dress our babies to impress when they leave our nursery and Amala is proof of that with her hand made Rainbow dress with matching socks and panties, headband and bonnet . This outfit is GORGEOUS and makes Amala a real one of a kind hand made baby, plus she travels with a cuddle rug a custom made passport and as always we incude a gift for mum.



Weight 4lbs 7 oz

DOB October 1st 2013

Length  20-21 inches


Andama Galleries the home of reborn dolls Australia 

 Andama Dujon The Baby Maker

Oct 4, 12:35 pm

The baby maker

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