Woodlands Elf

IMG 1367



How gorgeous is this woodlands Elf brought to life by master artist Andama Dujon  using a Ophelia sculpt

 This little girl is now a full fledged child of the forest with her own little fairy to watch over her as she rests. I love the forest children and this little girl has been - Read More

The baby maker

Adopted Babies

These are some of my collectable reborn babies which have been adopted. I like to keep a record as I miss them when they have gone.

  • 7358 LEMONADE
  • 5807 PANDA
  • 8138 BREEZE
  • 7107 PRECIOUS
  • 2255 LULU
  • 6613 TEMPUS
  • 8599 RAVEN
  • 1924 ECHO
  • IMG 7352 SARGENT
  • IMG 5546 PASSION
  • IMG 5022 RILEY
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