Rats it's DOC

Men and boys love these rats as lets be honest guys  like soft toys and this fits the bill while still being macho  and Rat or Twioe has the most amazing one of a kind handmade rats which can only be found at Andama Galleries in Glen Innes or at our online gallery .


We specialize in the unusual and once again thats whats we have created.

 Doc is a whole lot of cuteness who likes to dress with style and a whole lot of flair so he fits the RAT PACK  mold to a T.


This little guy is about 16 inches in height and would love a home with go getters and smart dressers, in other words he is a modern rat. 

Don't stand in his tail and you will be friends forever 


Andama Galleries 



Sep 27, 03:02 am

The baby maker

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