Reborn doll classes start 2020

The reborn doll classes held  Andama Galleries have started again at the Knick Knackery in Glen Inees NSW Australia and was once again a roaring success as well as a lot of laughs.


These two lovely ladies are now completing work they started last year with Sue doing blushing and shading while Anne is in the - Read More

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Tiny Dolls now in store

I have been busy making tiny dolls which I love doing and I have finished a few which are now in store and are proving very popular .





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My mini deck

We have finally started to clean up the back yard and since putting in the new fence we have been slowly slogging away and making changes.
I have been using brick as steps since I had a back door put in my apartment in the back of the shop but today I - Read More
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Cleaning Fleece

I love using natural fibers in the fabric dolls I make rather than stuffing them with snythetic  stuff. The feel of the finished doll is very different and the doll starts to feel warm when you hold it plus pure fiber gives the doll a nicer feel. 

Anyway I wash the fleeces in small amounts - Read More

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Fawn or pan

I have started my new baby and it's a fantasy realborn art doll


This beautiful creature will be my version of Pan and I will keep everyone up to date  on the progress of this little lovely



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2020 quilt project

The Knick  Knackery in Glen Innes runs classes a few days a week and Sundays are all about hand sewing quilts and  fabric dolls and we found the most awesome design of a rabbit which we decided would be the first quilt project for 2020. The quilts made by our students are all hand stitched - Read More

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Tiny Doll Classes

One of the things I love is to make dolls and I have my favourites which I will be sharing more often.


In 2020 I will be running Tiny Doll making classes and I personally love these tiny ladies.  The dolls are about 6 inches in length and they as well as their clothing are all - Read More

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Yard continues to improve

Summer is here and it's hoit, I have started to use gray water to water the lawn and its coming along nicely since the fence went in. The 1980's style garden edges ( rocks cemented in place) are now being removed  and it looks awesome so far



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Sunday sewing classes


The Sunday classes at the Knick Knackery continue and will grow in 2020, This year 2019 has been fantastic for the makers of crazy layered quilts and the ladies are close to completing their amazing quilts.

The classes this year for the ladies has been all about using vintage, damaged and antique fabrics and each lady - Read More

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I love the KK

I love taking photos of the outside of the Knick Knackery and here are some more I want to share
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