Snow beautiful Fox Stole

How stunning is this Faux fur stole. Beautifully crisp white in colour hand made by Andama Dujon and a one of a kind,

 Style never goes out of fashion and these stoles are pure style.


From paw to paw this foxy boy is about 5 feet in length so will wrap around the slim to the gorgeous - Read More

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Glen Faun Fantasy

How beautiful is our creation of Glen Faun, a  hybrid  goat mix and what a winning combination.

 I created the body from a heavy cotton which I then painted with an oil paint giving him an amazing skin  colour.


Glen Faun was designed by Andama Dujon then lovingly stitched and  dressed in faux fur making him - Read More

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Glen Crone,

How beautiful is this handmade crone doll , she has been hand stictched then I painted the fabric giving her a beautful skin colour. Her limbs are semi jointed and I have stictched her fingers and face giving her so much more detail. 


Her clothing is beautiful and has been designed by me (Andama Dujon) - Read More

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Gothic and Fae are back in the Glen

Once again Andama Galleries opens for the summer and as always offers a colletion of handmade dolls along with many other unusual one of a kind items that will also be for sale.

 We create  and make the most beautiful Gothic Dolls  known to collectors as HIGHLAND GOTHIC with all fabric, fibers  and accessories lovingly sort - Read More

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Opal has a new home

Today my gorgeous OPAL found a new home and my place seems to be very quiet without her around. An elderly gentleman had to send his little dog to the rainbow bridge and he was beside himself with grief especially now he was alone so his ex wife came to see - Read More
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Dicki helps me sew

seriously my bird thinks he runs my house (well he kind of does Lol) but I'm not telling him that
His idea of helping me sew is to remove everything from my work table by showing it to the floor


Bless his little beak 

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Crazy quilting class

Andama Galleries offers classes for those who want to turn their hand at crazy layered quilting which is pretty unique in Australia. The ladies who come to the Saturday classes are very much into recycling and reusing so their quilts are being created from gorgeous  vintage and antique linens, doilies, wedding materials and more, so - Read More

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Tiny clothes

I am back working on my tiny dolls and their outfits and today I was starching and pressing these very tiny clothes for my 5 inch dolls so once again I thought I would sahre some of these photos.


There is a lot of joy involved when making tiny dolls and of course they are all - Read More

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Boudoir Pillows

There is nothing cuter on a bed or chair in a bedroom than a boudoir pillow and Andama Galleries creates some of the most beautiful pillows around. These gorgeous pillows can be made to order or made using your favourite linen or fabrics and everything made at Andama Galleries is a one of a kind.


Andama - Read More

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Teddy bear and Toy Maker



The beautiful village of Glen Innes in the NSW highlands is the home of Andama Galleries and Andama Dujon is a master Doll and Teddy Bear maker and is known for her highly collectible toys all of which  are a one of a kind


These collectible Teddy bears are created - Read More

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