Knick Knackery May 2018

There is no place like our place so come see us from Thursday to Sunday in the Glen Innes highlands 



The baby maker


Bavmorda is a handmade one of a kind LOVED TO DEATH doll created By Andama Dujon for FAERIES OF THE GLEN

 I am pretty sure this little lady was a show girl in past life as she adores expensive dresses and sexy knickers






The baby maker




I have been busy making LOVED TO DEATH dolls for Faeries of the Glen which is my new shop and it opens in one week May 3rd  2018  These ladies are  some of my newest collection that I have been making over the last few weeks and I love how they all turned out 

 Every doll - Read More

The baby maker

Gorgeous knitted bonnet

Knitted bonnet handmade by Andama Dujon in the Glen Innes highlands of Australia and soon to be listed for sale at Faeries of the Glen.


This bonnet is warm, has the most beautiful cabling. I have added beautiful pearls giving this bonnet some real panache and of course making it a one of a kind



The baby maker

Dark Morris dancing

We all have hobbies and one of mine is raising funds for charities in my town, I do a little Morris dancing for the fantasy and mystical realm cos play group and here are is me (on the left ) and others in our group



The baby maker

Market barrows

We are having 10 barrows made for the spring and they will be used for the new markets we are operating on the weekends. They will be based on this design but with a few alterations so do call in again and see how these wagons go



The baby maker

Revamped pram

I was given a very damaged antique pram so had the base repaired and used for one of my other prams and this gorgeous cane basket and hood are going to be revamped and reused.

I have done the first black part and will be adding the red next. In a few weeks this pram will - Read More

The baby maker

mask and makeup

I have been busy making costumes for the Harry potter witch festival cos play which is on in april and I finally worked out my witch face as I am also in the Morris dance group so need to be able to change makeup and costume fast
The baby maker

Forest Goat

awww come on how cute is this fabric goat, hand made by Andama Dujon in the Glen Innes Highlands and will be for sale at Faeries of the Glen 

This little boy has been hand painted and his clothing designed and made especially for him..


The baby maker

New Loved to Death girl

This little loved to death love was created in the Glen Innes highlands and will be up for adoption at Faeries of the Glen. Hand made and designed by Andama Dujon and check out the gorgeous clothing. One of a kind  and oh so cute



The baby maker

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