Glen Clootie WIP 2



This gorgeous scotsman is getting new clothes so he will look very dapper when they are finished and all he needs after that are some very Celtic tattoos which will make him very cool indeed. Call back in to see Glen Clootie all dressed up waiting for somewhere to go


The baby maker

WIP Glen Clootie

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My Scottish doll is well on its way to be completed.

All we need now is a whole lot of  Celtic tattoo's, some body hair a hat and a kilt lol

Guess what I will be doing this week
The baby maker

Bonny Brown WIP

my work in progress is slowly coming together and I love the way the hair has turned out

There is something really satisfying about hand rooting the hair on these reborn art dolls it really does add to the realistic effect we try to achive andI like the vinyl BonnyBrown uses on her kits


The baby maker

I have an Opal

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 well this little girl lost her fur mate on Tuesday and now her human dad is in hospital not expected to come home and her human mum is staying close to the hospital for a while and will come home weekends to see this gorgeous girl. I thought - Read More

The baby maker

Crone Glen Mabaa

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The crones are coming and here is the first to arrive
GLEN MABAA. This crone has been handmade in the Highlands and will be waiting to meet you at FAERIES OF THE GLEN May 3rd.
This crone was hand painted then, -

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Glen Haggis WIP 2

 Glen Haggis is starting to take shape or at least his head is lol and the heads of two of his friends

 Very exciting and you guys are going to love the next stage of his  creation


Faeries of the Glen 

 The Baby Maker

Andama Galleries

Knick Knackery 


where the Ordinary Becomes EXTRAORDINARY

The baby maker

The face

 I am very excited about this new doll and have decided to post grow as we go photos so you can see him at each stage of his creation 


here is a hint HIS NAME is Glen Haggis lol


follow us to see him grow



The baby maker

Feisty Rat



How cute is the rat which arrived at Faeries of the Glen yesterday, we are hoping for more of these little fellows to guard the shop at nights when the Faeries are out 

The baby maker

Bonnet Birds In Blue

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$20 one only 

This is such a gorgeous bonnet, Highland made and perfect for summer as it is so light weight and so very pretty any liitle girl would love it. Buy online or visit us at the Knick Knackery Glen Innes and Faeries of the Glen where the Ordinary becomes - Read More

The baby maker

Reborn doll dress three

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I have to say that this dress and bonnet are to day my favourite because I LOVE THE COLOUR. All hand made and one of a kind and this outfit screams cutenss overload 


Made by The Baby Maker Andama Dujon  in the Glen Innes Highlands 


Faeries of the Glen,

The Knick Knackery 

Andama Galleries 



where the - Read More

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