Knick Knackery Glen Innes

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The Knick Knackery is the home of Andama Galleries, The Baby Maker, and Faeries of the Glen  and is in a lovely town in the Great dividing range or the Highlands as it is also known.  We are among the few towns in Australia that get all four seasons every year - Read More

The baby maker

Glen Gullvieg Faeries of the Glen

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Meet GLEN GULLVIEG our newest one of a kind Banshee. This gorgeous girl has been hand made at Andama Galleries in Glen Innes NSW for the LOVED TO DEATH DOLLS by The Baby Maker Andama Dujon and is a one of a kind.


GLEN GULLVIEG  stands about 24 inches tall. she has - Read More

The baby maker

Every girl needs a hobby



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so I thought I would share what I get up too at charity events lol and yes I am in this group

the group is called Hexenbrut  and we are the witches of the Glen which is pretty fab when you live in Celtic country and we even have - Read More

The baby maker

WIP Cot December 2017

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Work in Progress

Well I have used the bottom of a wedding dress as the main frill around the baby cot and will use what is left for the linen which I will make next week
The cot is gorgeous and very unusual so - Read More

The baby maker


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Meet baby Willa born 28th November 2017 and brought to life by Andama Dujon (the baby maker) using a Saoirse sculpt by Bonnie Brown.


This gorgeous girl is a one of akind life like baby doll created by the Baby Maker at Andama Galleries and will be listed for adoption in - Read More

The baby maker




Saoirse My WIP at the moment.

I am so glad I finally got time to do some more work on this little one, her outfit is here and with some final touches I am hoping to get her finished and out together this week.

The baby maker


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Meet GLEN GULLVIEG (Norse for witch) This doll is my latest work in progress and I thought I would share it with you, This forest creature will be heading to Faeries of the Glen when she is finished but we will post photos of her progres. I am still - Read More

The baby maker


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 The first of the LOVED TO DEATH range is now complete and she is sooooo gorgeous . Made in Glen Innes by Andama Dujon. This gorgeous girl is a one of a kind fabric art doll and will be for sale at FAERIES OF THE - Read More

The baby maker

My girls



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My family has decreased to two little girls  and they are both getting old now


Lucy has become really gray but still as beautiful as the day she arrived and Lilly may be white but I am sure there is gray mixed in with that hair of hers.


Love my girls to bits.



The baby maker

Victorian secret doll bed



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Gorgeous fully restored doll cradle, all the bedding has been hand made using stunning vintage linen. This is a one of a kind and was brought back to life by local artist Andama Dujon and will be for sale at Faeries of the Glen.


Every doll needs a gorgeous bed - Read More

The baby maker

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