Reborn doll dress three

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I have to say that this dress and bonnet are to day my favourite because I LOVE THE COLOUR. All hand made and one of a kind and this outfit screams cutenss overload 


Made by The Baby Maker Andama Dujon  in the Glen Innes Highlands 


Faeries of the Glen,

The Knick Knackery 

Andama Galleries 



where the - Read More

The baby maker

Reborn dress two

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I love making these one of a kind baby outfits as they seem to come to become what they are as I sew, there is never a plan of how they should should turn out which is good really as I have never been able to follow a plan lol


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The baby maker

Reborn dress one

This outfit is a one of a kind hand made in the Highlands using upcycled fabrics and how gorgeous has this turned out

 Matching bonnet, dress and pants all so darn cute and this outfit will make your baby shine


Find these beautiful clothes at 


Andama Galleries

Reborn Dolls Australia 

Faeries of the Glen 

The Baby Maker  


 All this - Read More

The baby maker

Knick Knackery Glen Innes Jan 2018


 The knick Knackery is the most unusual store in Glen Innes and is also the home of Andama Galleries, Babies for Sale , reborn dolls Australia and Faeries of the Glen 



We get told everyday what a great store we have so why not come and see what people love so much - Read More

The baby maker

OMG what is it

OMG what is it going to be


yes it is another work in progress  which I am again very excited about and I bet you are too



The baby maker

Knick Knackery kitchen

I actually got around to re-arranging the shop kitchen and it is much easier to use plus it is not longer as cluttered which is a blessing



The baby maker

Work room Jan 2018

I like to start out how I mean to go on but of course with creative people that never happens lol but my work room is ready for another year, nice and tidy. It will not last ROFL



The baby maker

Baby and Basket



I had a bit of a rush over the Christmas period and a few babies were adopted so my nursery is now looking a little bare.


This little boy ws collected today as I needed to make his bedding for his new mum 



The baby maker

Fae shop the beginning

Only a couple of days before we begin 2018 and I thought I would share the new Faeries shop at the very beginning and I have to say we have a lot of work ahead of us over the next few months,


I still have lots of stock to make  including dolls both Reborn and Art - Read More

The baby maker

Loved to Death Pram

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We have started on the Loved to death pram and it is pretty amazing as it is at the moment, however we will be adding the finishing touches over the coming weeks. The pram is from the 60s and is of course beautiful and once we have - Read More

The baby maker

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